3D PDF Maker for laboratory technical furniture designed by AHSI. The new 3D PDF technology facilitates the internal work of the team of the AHSI designers and improves communication with customers.

For the AHSI sales offices, it is their daily task to prepare offers and quotations for potential customers, who often don't have any notion of a CAD drawing but need to quickly consult the documentation that has to be comprehensible and appealing so as to draw their attention. The AHSI requirements:

  • the flawless information exchange between employees and clients
  • shorter revision times
  • more efficient project presentations

AHSI designs laboratories making use of ProA 3D, the software for furniture elements design and quoting. Once the project has been completed, the AHSI sales offices provide the client a proposal consisting of the detail drawings and the quote.

3D PDF Maker comes in handy at this very stage making possible the integration of the quotation with an interactive 3D model in the PDF file format, easily displayable with the help of Adobe® Reader XI®, the free and widely spread cross-platform software program.

3D PDF Maker generates in an easy and intuitive way a PDF file with a 3D model of the laboratory, that can be activated and managed by any person even with no knowledge of CAD systems. The 3D model embedded in the PDF file can be rotated, zoomed, can demonstrate various Views and cross-sections, transparent or semi-transparent parts, notes and comments.

In the first place this solution facilitates the communication between the designer and the Customer who along with the commercial proposal also gets an opportunity to see the piece of furniture in 3D, in every single detail, which gives a better and instant idea of the project.

The quicker project revision, the possibility to see the model from different viewpoints and the 3D PDF dynamic character make 3D PDF Maker ideal for sharing the data among employees especially when more working groups are involved.

AHSI noted the advantages of the 3D PDF Maker usage right away, the innovative tool lived up to their expectations meeting most of their everyday requirements. The noted improvements:

  • the potential of 3D is used to present ideas and projects
  • quick data exchange with employees and clients
  • 3D visualization with free Adobe® Reader® /Acrobat Reader DC
  • more efficient communication
  • increase of productivity
  • optimized projects revision and publication costs

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Company: AHSI
Industry: Laboratory furnishing
Headquarter: Bernareggio (MB)
Use: Draw up quotations
Website: www.ahsi.it

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AHSI deals in multidisciplinary laboratory solutions represents an Italian partnership of the companies, market leaders with vast traditons and technologies, coming from one and the same industry, though, having different specializations and experiences.

AHSI offers a wide range of cutting-edge scientific instruments and technical furniture creating solutions applicable to various fields.

The company's choice to supply high quality multidisciplinary solutions is perfectly in line with the evolving market requiring the development of general-purpose and more reliable solutions. Over the years AHSI has firmly established itself in the laboratory design and furnishing market and is steadily reaching and exploiting ever new market segments.

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